A certified quality and eco-responsibility: an eco-certified forest management, and FSC- and PEFC-certified products.


Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade

The Arbor Group is firmly committed in the struggle against illegal woodcuts and massive deforestation. That is why our supply policy scrupulously respects the FLEGT program, as well as any initiative aiming to prohibit access to the European market for wood and wood-derived products resulting from illegal harvests.
So, as part of our Due Diligence approach, we only work with companies able to prove the conformity of their products according to the legislation enforced in their countries.


FSC®: a guarantee of traceability

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide.
FSC® develops standards based on principles of responsible forest management supported by environmental, social and economic actors.
For more information, visit www.fsc.org

Thank you for choosing FSC® certified wood

By choosing FSC®, you are forging a special bond with the forest from which your wood comes, and you are helping to preserve it for future generations.
You should also know that thanks to this approach, you promote the safety of forestry workers, and you allow local forestry communities to benefit from better working conditions.
Together, we contribute to the respect of fauna and flora and protection of endangered species. On their behalf, be thanked, and enjoy your FSC® wood with peace of mind.

Undertaking an FSC® approach means promoting ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management, making it possible to meet the needs of current and future generations:
- Ecologically appropriate forest management (harvesting of timber and non-timber products) contribute to maintain forest biodiversity, ecosystem productivity and functionality.
- Socially beneficial forest management helps local people and society as a whole enjoy long-term benefits and also motivates local people to conserve forest resources and adhere to long-term management plans.
- Economically viable forest management means that forest operations are structured and managed in such a way as to be sufficiently profitable, without however generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resource, the ecosystem, or the affected communities.

Our FSC® certified products are available on specific request.


The PEFC necessity (program for the endorsement of forest certification schemes)

The PEFC certificate is in harmony with the ecological values of its leaders and teams. It testifies that the raw materials used by the company come from forests under strict rules of sustainable forest management. Besides, each of our companies pays attention to the fact that the logs and wood-derived products used came from CAFD (Forest Concessions under Sustainable Development).
So, the customer is assured that his purchase comes from a transparent cycle which does not allow anarchical nature exploitation.

Certified companies: Allin, LDC


US EPA TSCA title VI (United States Environmental Protection Agency, title VI of the Toxic Substances Control Act) & CARB (California Air Resources Board)
Since June the 1st 2018, the manufacturers around the world are due to sell to the US and buy from the US only CARB or US EPA TSCA Title VI certified products. This main step guarantees that all the panels and finished products produced from composite wood sold in the US or in California respect the strict limits of emission on the CARB or US EPA TSCA title VI, as well as other requirements such as labelling and the keeping of registers.
In this approach, the regulation includes another certification system which is very detailed for the manufacturers of wood composite products to determine if the product respects the limitation in formaldehyde rate. To that end, we are due to make some quality tests on a regularly basis to be assured that their products respect the limitation of emission.
FCBA, our other organisation, leads inspections at any spot of the supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers. These inspections include procedures from conformity tests to the labelling requirements, keeping of register documents and even samples collection for emission tests.

Certified company: Allin


Komo is the most famous quality mark in the building sector in the Netherlands. Komo covers almost the entire building chain: there is a Komo certificate for every aspect of building. From conception, advice, raw materials, building products, building parts and facilities to the complete building work.
This quality mark guarantees that our products belong to the highest quality class of European norms, on an inspection basis lead by an external control organism (KIWA).

Certified company: Allin


« Agreement for the control of panels intended for exterior joineries »
Under control of FCBA regarding the control of manufacturing products targeted by this convention and attest the qualitative conformity towards the customers according to the recommendations defined by the norm. The sandwich panels under the label CCMQ n°40/14 are controlled all along the production chain.
A conformity certificate is delivered by FCBA every year to confirm that the size tolerance, the quality of gluing, the biological eco-responsibility of wood species, the control of the equipment, measures and tests, non-conformities, complaints and returns are verified and validated by FCBA controllers.
Panels under the convention control CCMQ 40/14 are fitting the technical prescriptions of the certificate references of the mark NF Fenêtres Bois et Portes Extérieures.

Certified company: Toubois

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