The finishing specialist for wooden panels

Since 1986, Aplilaq brings its knowlegde in wood finishing (varnish and pre-paint) at the disposal of the manufacturers and users of wooden panels in the very exigeant sectors of layout, nautism, furnishing and distribution. Aplilaq beneficiates from a high level of know how in roller, curtain and spraying application.

About us

  • 10 employees
  • 1 production line 1300mm dedicated to small and medium series
  • 1 production line 1600mm dedicated to big series
  • 1 booth for pre-paint
  • 800 000sqm of Varnish or prepaint panels processed every year


Roller application line (process)

Varnish, tinted varnish, oils, lacquers,…

  • UV coating made of 95 to 100% of dry extract. Reducing the use of solvants, and of the ecological footprint by using biosourced components.
  • Production capacity of 1500sqm/day in regular finish (balancing included)
  • Full UV finition cycle in 24 hours.

Curtain application line

Varnish, pre-paint, intumescent products, lacquers,…

  • Application of coating up to 300gr/sqm
  • Capacity of 800sqm/day in intumescent varnish (Euroclass B)
  • Application on machined panels multigroove type, perfored panels, OSB, …
  • Use of Hydro coating (Eco-Friendly)

Spraying in open or pressurised booth

Edges handling, and shaped pieces.

  • Human application allowing a great flexibility (thickness, quantity, …)
  • Application on bespoke items (furnishing)
  • Edges application by stacking panels
  • Manufacture of wood stain prototypes before industrialisation.


105 Rue des Frères Temple, 44520 La Meilleraye-de-Bretagne

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